Fake, Fake, Fake – How to tell if your SKIN79 BB cream is genuine.


As you guys know my last post was on the SKIN79 BB creams; some of you may have noticed that I mentioned I had bought them on eBay together which is a risky business as there is a high possibility that I could’ve received fakes. SKIN79 and other BB brands have tons of sellers, selling you fake items; they may not know it, but you really need to watch out for who you are buying from. To prevent accidently purchasing a fake item, it is best to purchase them from the original brand site; or if you are unable to purchase them because they only deliver to certain countries or you cannot read the site due to language change, then purchase them from trusted websites. Two popular sites I know of for Asian skincare and make-up is Sasa and Yesstyle:
http://www.yesstyle.co.uk/en/home.html (UK version)

I haven’t bought from Sasa as the delivery price is expensive to get shipped to me, but Yesstyle has free express shipping to the UK (and comes quick too, despite that), and the majority of the products found on Sasa can be found on Yesstyle too = much more convenient for me!

However, the products that I have bought on eBay are from a trusted seller; don’t think that everyone on eBay is out to get you with their fake items, this seller sells all genuine products at good prices and products that are harder to find elsewhere! She has 100% feedback and claims to have proof that her products are genuine should you find a problem; I bought my Holika Holika and SKIN79 products from her, and they are all genuine!

Before I start, I will answer the question: Have you ever received a fake item you thought to be genuine? The answer = Yes I have. A few years ago I bought a Laneige Skin Primer from eBay that one of my Youtube Gurus always went on about; I was super excited, and it came in a proper box with the same packaging and everything! Wow, for that price I was so lucky to nab it until… Uh-oh… I’m sure it is not supposed to look like this, surely? This item is supposed to be suited for oily skin, so why is it coming out like blue baby lotion? The more I squeezed, the more lotion that sat in my hand and I couldn’t believe I had been had! I immediately emailed the seller and complained, threatening to open a case until they had refunded my money; their only comment was that it was from Sasa before they refunded me. I was a fool for buying that item for so cheap, and have since then been very cautious about buying products on eBay.

Anyway back to the BB creams! Here is a list of things to look out for when purchasing these items! The fakes look extremely alike but there are a lot of small differences that will help you to spot the fake!

#1 Anti-counterfeit shining effect:
Check the BB and the SKIN79 sticker on the bottle; the original BB cream sticker reflects the light when you look at it from different angles, the fake BB cream has no such thing.
ImageImageImageImageYou can see mine reflects the light and shows colours which is what is expected from these stickers; also these stickers fade easily on the fake product.

#2 Instructions in English:
On the original box the instructions on the back are written in English, however the fake box has Chinese written on the back.
ImageAs you can see, mine are written in English and not Chinese!

#3 The dotted line:
The original BB cream box has a dotted line on the back so that you can open the box fully to read the instructions inside; the fake BB cream does not have this, since there are no instructions inside it is pointless to have this dotted line huh?
ImageYou can see the dotted line on my Hot Pink box here; and in the picture showing the English instructions on the back, you can see it on my VIP Gold box too.

#4 The authenticity label:
A label will be found on the original BB cream proving its authenticity; no such label is found on the fake item.

#5 The text inside:
Inside the BB cream box there should be 4 sets of instructions written in 4 different languages; English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. The fake BB Box just has SKIN79 printed inside; I don’t have any photos for this but I have checked and can confirm that both of mine have the instructions inside in 4 different languages.

There are other signs to look out for when comparing an original to a fake, such as expiry dates, web addresses, incorrect spelling, bottle size, nozzle size, texture in BB cream and more! Important Update – I was recently informed by 2 commenters, Jackie and jeme1959, that from 2013 they have stopped selling BB creams with authenticity stickers; as for the text ‘Wrinkle Improvement’ and ‘Wrinkle Free’, both are deemed authentic and are still being sold. So in case you were wondering, this might be why yours does not have an authenticity sticker if it was manufactured in 2013 but anything prior should have a sticker; I have had many comments of those who have recently bought a BB cream but it has no sticker, even from reputable sellers such as Yesstyle. Hope this helps, and thank you Jackie and jeme1959 for informing me!

I discovered these fake traits from the blogs below; check them out and check your BB cream!

Hope you don’t get caught out by these cheaters; I have and it’s an unpleasant feeling! :( See you on my next blog post! Byeee!!

Kawaii~Kanae ♥

95 thoughts on “Fake, Fake, Fake – How to tell if your SKIN79 BB cream is genuine.

  1. Hi!
    I ordered the Skin 79 Hot pink bb cream from yesstyle.com, but it doesn’t have authenticity label. I thought yesstyle was a reputable and reliable seller, but this is making me wonder. Apart from not having the label it does se real. The packaging is from 2013 so is there a chance it’s legit? Well either way I will try to contact yesstyle and see what they have to say. Just wanted to let y’all know! :) and if someone could shed some light on my situation too, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

    • Hi! I contacted yesstyle and they said:
      “All of the items in YesStyle are real. We do not sell fake items. We directly source from the authorized supplier.”
      So that’s a relief! I still find it odd that there is no authenticity label though.. :x and to be honest, it’s not like they’d tell me if they sold fake stuff :p

      • That’s good! Chances are your bottle just was one of the few that got missed, either that or because it is being sold from a reliable seller maybe they don’t need it whereas other sellers do? I’m not sure, but Yesstyle is a hotspot for gurus to purchase Asian skincare so it is guaranteed to be legit!! Thanks for sharing!! ♥

      • Recently, Skin79 has changed their policy with authenticity labels. New 2013 products won’t have the sticker anymore. It’s on their website.

      • I got the same situation, hoping that I got a legit product from YesStyle. I emailed them awhile ago about the authenticity label. I hope that they are real… I got two of the Orange one…

      • Hello,

        They no longer sell them with the authencitity label on so if yours doesn’t have one don’t worry; Yesstyle is a legit site, I buy many things from them and there are no fakes!

    • Yesstyle is a reliable seller and many make-up gurus I watch use it to purchase their beauty products along with Sasa. Check my other points of authenticity because if you have them then you might’ve just got a product without a label. Old packaging proves it is likely to be fake so the fact you got a brand new one means it is more likely to be the real thing; but as I said, check my other points such as light reflecting stickers on the bottle (fakes do not have this!!) and instructions printed inside in 4 different languages (fakes only have SKIN79 printed inside). I hope it is the real thing as I purchase from Yesstyle and they have always been very legit to me. Thank you for your comment!! ♥

      • I didn’t buy mine from Yesstyle but the girl who did said she had emailed Yesstyle and they said they do not sell fakes as they are a reputable seller like sasa. So yes they are legit from Yesstyle :)

    • I contacted wizcoz and they state that it pressure applied upwards on the dispenser pump it will come out of the pink shell. This will reveal a white container where bb cream is kept. You can unscrew the vacuum cap and you will see the bb cream. It is in snug so apply appropriate pressure. Now you can use the last drop of skin79 hot pink
      bb cream. Notice the tiny hole on the bottom? That is to aid in releasing pressure. Hope this helps.

      • Nice research there! Something that I am sure many will be pleased to hear as we all like to make sure we aren’t throwing away products just because we can’t get the last scrapings anymore!

  2. Hi ladies. I purchased one recently from rubyruby79 on ebay who reputable with lots of positive reviews. Everything checks out except that the shell “pops out” when i push up on dispenser and there is no authenticity label. Mine is manufactured in 3/2013.. seller said they don’t put the authenticity label on products made this year (will call and ask main office about that). Product works well… but still not 100% sure if its real..

    • I heard that they are a trustworthy seller as I recognise that name as being the name one of my make-up gurus uses and she recommended. But I don’t think the shell is supposed to pop out…Apparently if it is fake things will fade quickly and the packaging bends, take a look at the two links on my blog page for the fake BB creams as it shows you pictures of a fake vs real.

    • Hi there this is the seller I have being buying my bb cream from for 2 years and I have never had an issue with it, I have THE most sensitive skin out so if it was fake my skin would have let me know lol

  3. Hi! I just bought the Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream from a reputable seller here in my country. I read your point of comparison carefully and everything seems to point out that the product I got isn’t fake since the product itself doesn’t have any weird smells and it has pretty good consistency.

    Anyway, what bothers me is that the bottle doesn’t have the authenticity sticker. Also, both the bottle and the box doesn’t have a manufacturing date. It has an expiry date though which will be on 2016. Also, on the box it says “Wrinkle Improvement” and I know they recently changed it to that from “Wrinkle Free”. However, on my bottle, it says “Wrinkle Free”. Could my bb cream be a really good fake?? Or is it the real thing? Because the product itself doesn’t seem fake. It already tried it on my face. Please shed some light into this thank you =)

    • If the majority checks out then I am sure it is not a fake – check the BB sticker for rainbow colours as this is one of the main things that fakes DO NOT have, and the inside instructions in 4 different languages. I am not sure why so many of you have commented that their bottle does not have an authenticity sticker?? This is confusing as mine does and I know that the majority of posts about these fake BB creams say that authentic products have this sticker. However, you are not the only one who has commented that their product has not got the sticker and yet claims to be the real thing; a comment from an earlier user said that she ordered it from Yesstyle and that it had no sticker so I am sure if yours checks out with most other things then it will be an authentic product. As for the dates, the more recent the date then the more likely the product is to be authentic whereas if the dates are old then it is most likely a fake. Hope this helps! I am sure you have an authentic product though :)

  4. Is it true the new bb creams made in 2013 no longer have the authenticity sticker anymore and this was posted on the skin 79 website

  5. Hi! I saw this article a little too late, I had already bought VIP Gold Super BB Cream on amazon from NEVERPRICE. I thought mine was a fake because there was no sticker on the top of the tube and though there is English on the back I feel like there were grammar/spelling issues. I was worried but after reading your blog and seeing that the tube has the shiny BB label along with a shiny Skin79 label, instructions in four languages, and a perforation line, I think mine is legit. However, the expiration date is on the box. So…. haha, I’m still wondering whether or not I have the real thing. Maybe I’ll post pictures later! And thanks for the review. :)

  6. I have found that Amazon is the safest way to go. I always buy from the same seller and all the pictures above match my box and bottle. This stuff is awesome!

  7. According to Pretty and Cute Skin 79 is now using Expiration date as of 2013 and no authentication sticker. Can someone confirm? Skin 79 USA will not even advise what date is on there bottle now (This is really sad and upsetting from this company who will not comment even on their own product). Also I bought one from Letif Beauty on Amazon and they state its real but the date is 20130311 which makes me believe its either fake or expired but they claim its the manufacturing date. Can someone help? I have already returned the item but if they are correct I will remove my review but I want to have some sort of confirmation.

    • That is what a lot of people have been saying, that they are removing their authenticity sticker; the date should be fairly recent so many have told me that they have 2013 manufacturing date. I’m not entirely sure what the company are doing but I know they are currently selling old and new bottles, I guess it means we’ll have to keep a closer eye out for fakes but I think the dates are 2013 with no sticker. :)

    • Hi Nancy,
      Even I purchased from Letif Beauty, but mine seems to be genuine ( I compared with the bottles I got from Skin 79 North America site). The bottles I have all have both the manufacturing date AND expiry date on the boxes but the bottle will have only the manufacturing date printed on it. They were manufactured on 27th July 2013 and 18th August 2013 respectively.There is no perforation on the boxes and no authenticity sticker. I left a detailed comment at the end of this blog, if you are interested.

  8. I’m confused i purchased a hot pink BB from the official north america website it was manufactured in 2013 and it had the authenticity sticker on it. Maybe they still had some stickers left and they just wanted to get rid of them?

    • Yeah some people have had that where they still have the sticker on them, I guess they are still selling the stickered ones but new stock does not have the stickers on them.

  9. I bought mine from pink gelee on eBay and it looks as authentic well just doesn’t have the old authentication label but it is the 2013 one.

  10. Hey so I recently bought bb cream but my cousin said it was a fake I don’t know why nothing about it matchs up with the fake traits and the box was exactly how your real box said it was I don’t really know what to do please help!

    • Why does your cousin think it is fake and where did you buy it from?? If it is from a licenced seller then it should be fine but if you are buying it from somewhere like eBay then there is more of a chance of it being fake. Does your bottle match up with my blog post?

  11. I bought skin79 green and pink bb cream, and the snail bb cream too.. in Seoul (lotte duty free mall) and non of them has an authenticity label :) So they come without the label now..

  12. I ordered some BB Cream from the “SKIN79 North America” website a couple weeks ago and still haven’t received my product. Their only contact is an email, and I’m now becoming worried I was scammed! Does anyone know of a way to check that this site actually is authorized to sell this product?

    • Have you checked the confirmation email; usually they send you like an invoice or a confirmation email and they often put the timescale of how many days it will take to arrive? Give them an email but often SKIN79 will be coming from Korea and so can take anything between 2-4 weeks to arrive.

      • Hi , i have ordered my skin 79 vip gold from skin 79 north america site on 21 october and already reciep the email that have the tracking number in it says i will have my product in 25 oct to 30 oct . Just wonder if it too fast to be shipped from korea ?? Thanks u

      • If the item is coming from Korea then it can take anything between 2-4 weeks normally; however if they happen to have a warehouse in America this might be why it seems like fast shipping even though the original batch was ordered from Korea. I’m guessing how that works, unfortunately we don’t have anything like that here in the UK; anything ordered comes straight from the direct seller, we don’t seem to have storage warehouses here for online stores – like the Yesstyle.co.uk example I used in another comment, even though it is a UK site, the items are still shipped from Korea to the UK, there is no warehouse for it here.

  13. Ahh, I see. I thought it would come from California for some reason. I just didn’t get a notice of shipment and haven’t heard from them so I worried! Thank you for the information!

    • No problem, I am glad to be of some help! Usually these UK or USA versions of sites (for me my example is Yesstyle.co.uk) are to make it easier with regards to shopping and shipping for the people in those countries, but the products themselves still tend to be sent from country of origin, in this case Korea.

    • Hi Allison! I wish I had seen your comment before I ordered from Skin79 North America yesterday! Now I’m worried too… I googled about that site and so far the comments are not very good… Just out of curiosity- did you finally receive your order? I’m this close to writing them to cancel my order! (and of course, my card has been charged already).

      • Well, here’s out it played out… I originally ordered on October 3. I contacted customer service many times but never got a response. Around Oct 28 I got an email from them stating they were refunding my money, though they never gave a reason. I did get my money back by October 30th. I’m very glad I got my money back but I wouldn’t order from them again! One thing I did notice that a couple days after I ordered my product, it dissappeared from the website, so I’m thinking perhaps they ran out of stock so refunded me. I just wish they would have told me why. I hope your experience turns out okay. It seems as if in the end, even if you never hear from them, at least they’ll refund you…

      • Yeah that’s what happened- I decided to cancel my order last night because I just have a bad feeling about this whole thing. I figured that I’ll write them first, and if I don’t hear from them, then I’ll call my credit card company. But to my surprise, I got a reply from Skin79 North America right away saying that they will honour my request of cancellation. So maybe it is like you said, that they are actually out of stock… Anyway, I’m glad that this whole thing stopped here and didn’t get complicated. Thanks for sharing your experience! And thank you Kawaii~Kanae for the article!

      • I checked Yesstyle and it seems to be a nice site. But I heard that people get charged some ridiculous amount of duty tax (I’m in Canada) so I just didn’t bother… don’t want to risk it!

      • Wow I never knew, well try BELLO GIRL she has SKIN79 products, top seller with high feedback rates. I have seen her name pop up on many make-up blogs as being a trustworthy seller; she always sends free samples and a little note, I have bought my BB creams from her and they are authentic.

    • Hi Allison did u get your order yet? I am facing the same problem. I ordered 2 days back and got a order confirmation email. However they haven’t sent the details of shipping yet and I emailed them today. However the lack of a contact telephone number worries me. Please let me know your experience with them and whether they are really genuine.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply :) I checked your comment to Jeni after I sent you the comment :) The order amount shows pending in my credit card. I don’t know what to do now. I am glad you got your refund. I think I will give them 1-2 days to respond. Do you know any trust worthy seller on Amazon? I really want these BB creams :) How I wish it wasn’t so complicated!

      • Try BELLO-GIRL on eBay, that is where I got mine from and they are authentic, she is a good seller with good feedback and has been labelled on other blogs as being a trustworthy seller on eBay! She also hand writes you a little note and sends samples!

      • Thanks for the info :) I will try Bello-Girl next time for sure. Here is an update on my case – The people at Skin79 North America website finally responded to my mail saying that the order has been processed and later I got another mail from them saying that my order has been shipped with USPS. So I am praying that everything turns out ok. But one thing is for sure, I am never buying from these guys again. All this time spent worrying and fretting was just not worth it.

      • Thank you for your support. I am glad there are people like you, who take time to educate others on possible scamsters and who have forums for such discussions. One thing I experienced during this mess was although a lot of you-tube gurus and blogs refer to the north america website as authentic, hardly anyone actually buys from them! Anyways, will update once I get my shipment and inform you of the quality of products.

      • Thank you so much, and thank you for sharing your experience; look forward to hearing from you soon and I hope that when your items do arrive that they are what you are after. I for one have learnt not to buy from them thanks to your stories!

      • Hi Kawaii~Kanae,
        I got my BB creams today!! YAY Finally!! It was a fast delivery by USPS standards (they shipped on 13th and I got it today morning). In the last few days, I have read almost everything on spotting a fake Skin 79 BB cream and I am pretty sure that the bottles delivered by Skin 79 N. America are genuine (although quite expensive). So I think it is an authentic site…but with a bad customer service. I feel if they are charging double of what others are charging, at least they can afford a phone!! Still this just an opinion :)
        However, now I have doubts that the Orange BB cream that I was using is a fake. The only difference I can tell is in the packaging. The font size does not match, the placement of words is lower than the original, there is no manufacturing date on the box and this part was covered with two bar code stickers (Date is there in the bottle itself) and the box is perforated. None of my NEW bottles have perforation and there is a manufacturing date and expiry date on all boxes. My old orange (fake?)BB cream was made in Jan-2013 and the NEW bottles I got were made in July-2013. Formula wise they appear similar however, I have not tried the new ones on my face yet. I purchased the old orange bottle from Amazon for $19.99 from Beauty Best LLC (they have 99% ratings) so I was pretty sure ‘then’ that I had the real stuff. Now I am not so sure. What do you think?
        I also have the Hot Pink BB cream which I got from Amazon for $15.50 and which matches the NEW bottles perfectly. So it must be genuine too. I got it from Letif Beauty (99% ratings) and it was manufactured in Aug-2013. It also has an expiry date on the box & no perforations.
        You see, this is exactly why I wanted to purchase from the authentic site – to find out the difference between the fake and genuine. After all we apply this stuff on our face! And God has given us only one face :)
        Does this mean I will purchase from the North America Site again….Probably NOT!
        Now I want to try the Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream. Does Bello-Girl sell those?
        Sorry for the long comment :) Thanks again for creating this platform and your support.

      • Hello, so glad your BB creams arrived!! Yay! I do hope your orange BB cream is authentic, I guess if you are unsure of the packaging the best way is to test the product itself against other authentic formulas; I have heard that the fake BB creams are a lot more watery and don’t mix/blend as well as the authentic creams. If the font on the packaging changes to a rainbow colour when shone in the light, I have also heard that only the authentic products have this and the fake do not; the button that you press to release product is also another way to look into whether you have a fake or not as apparently it can bend easily due to poor manufacturing material and the nozzle is bigger. I hope I am being of some help, fortunately I have not had a fake and this has all been down to my research from other sites/reviews/blogs that helped me to determined whether or not mine were authentic, so I decided to write about it. The BELLO-GIRL on eBay sells a lot, from Missha, SKIN79, Holika Holika, Etude House, Baviphat, Tony Moly and many more!! The prices are relatively good too, I got 2 BB cream bottles (pink and gold) of 15mg for £12.99 ‘special set’ (rougly $20.93) which are the bottles one down from the large bottle I believe, they came within 3 weeks and I was sent a hand written note and lots of samples. She’s lovely and remembers you if you order from her more than once, it was the first purchase I made from her; back then she had a 100% feedback but it is now 99.8% as obviously it is hard to keep everyone happy but she is trustworthy I am sure as I have ordered 3 times from her now and never had a problem, will be sure to buy from her again!!

        Hope I have helped somewhat!!

      • Hi!
        Thanks for the information :) I apologize for replying so late. I was traveling the last few days and could not compare the two Orange BB creams I have. The formulation of the Orange BB cream (old) is not watery, it is creamy and quite white against my tanned skin. But I will take your advice and compare the two. I am happy to know that Bello-Girl is a good source for you. And she seems really customer friendly ( and wallet friendly :)) Once I finish these, I will definitely try her out.
        Thank you sooooo much for all your guidance, for creating this forum, and your patient replies. I have subscribed to your blog and will look forward to your posts.
        Take care and Best Wishes :)

      • Thank you! It makes me feel good to know that I am being of help; so many of us who do not have access to Korean cosmetics are at risk of purchasing a fake (I know I have done before), it is important that information like this is spread to help protect us Beauty Junkies from losing money as well as potential damage to our skin by using fake products!!

      • Completely agree with you :) I felt so foolish, angry and helpless when I thought I got cheated…I have learnt my lesson – always test out a seller before you place a large order (no matter what the claims). I hope my experience helps your readers :)

  14. Hi! I bought the Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream from a seller on Amazon called Beauty Works, but I read so many scary reviews about fake BB creams on Amazon I just now cancelled my order. Do you know of a completely reliable Amazon seller that sells ACTUAL genuine Skin79 products? I heard some people say KatieTheBabe was reliable, but do you know of any? Thank you! :) Any help is appreciated. <3

    • I don’t know any on Amazon but BELLOGIRL on eBay is an authentic seller where I got mine from! :) And she is pocket friendly too! I got 2 15mg bottles (one down from the large size) for something like £12.99!! She sends you samples and a cute little note too!!

  15. Thank you SO much for doing this post! I have been worried so much since when I recieved mine, it had no sticker on it, but since it was produced after 2013…. :D

  16. Hi:

    What do you think about the reputation of this seller or the Hot Pink BB Cream? I am so tired of fake stuff.

    Or, can you recommend some trusted eBay sellers that sell this Hot Pink BB Cream?

    Thx a lot!

  17. I searched Bello Girl from eBay for BB orange Vital cream Skin79. The price is 21.00 USD. When I searched eBay alone with the same product the price is 14.00 USD. There is something wrong here. Bello Girl is from eBay and the 14.00 dollar price with the same product is also from eBay. Both products are from eBay then how come the price is different? How can we be sure that both are authentic?

    • Hello Carmen,

      You can never be too sure that you are going to get an authentic product, especially when buying from somewhere like eBay, but I have suggested BELLO GIRL because she is where I purchased my SKIN 79 BB creams and they are authentic; she has high feedback (100% when I first bought from her). Watch out for those that seem to be relatively cheap, I once bought a cheap Laneige Primer because I thought it was a good deal but it was a fake!! You just need to be very careful if you are not purchasing from an actual site because the price does not necessarily determine whether the product is authentic or not; check what feedback others have left and their ratings, the higher the ratings the more trustable the seller seems to be. I also buy from f2plus1 on eBay and they too sell authentic products, I now tend to buy from them more as the shipping is faster but I still buy from both because they vary in products.

  18. Hello
    I am skin 79 bb cream whole seller in KOREA.
    Skin79 head office has decided not to put The authenticity label in all of Skin79 products manufactured since 2012 Dec.
    Therefore, There is no The authenticity label.
    You can also confirm this matter by contacting Skin79 head office in Korea directly(www.skin79.com).
    If it have The authenticity label, it is manufactured Before 2012. Dec.

    Please change it

    Thank you

    • Hello,

      The post was edited shortly after it was published which was over a year ago; a disclaimer at the bottom explains that the authenticity label is no longer sold on products manufactured in 2013.

      Thank you.

  19. Hello! I live in America and I recently purchased BB cream hot pink from pinkyparadise.com. Can anyone confirm they get their items from a reliable supplier? My box does not have a line you can tear the box open with but it does have instructions inside with all three languages. However, the green BB cream I ordered does have a line you can tear the box open! It came from the exact same website! I asked them about it because I was worried and they said they had not updated to the new bb hot pink cream yet for 2015. I am just a bit worried because the supplier is from Malaysia and no offense to anyone from there but I have had bad experiences with my fakes coming from there! Lol. No hate intended. I chose dhl shipping 3-5 which I believe is why i received it the week I ordered it. Just seemed a bit fast! Lol
    Also, there is not meant to be a sticker or anything on the top of the silver dispenser correct? I know both of mine don’t but someone commented on their real one having one. So I wondered if mine was fake or real based on the box and the lack of sticker on the dispenser? Thanks!

    • I know that the recent versions stopped the stickers on the bottle but not sure about the box. Best to check if there are any spelling or word mistakes on the back of the box, is it mostly chinese? I know the authentic ones have all languages inside. What is the actual bb canister like? Does it feel cheap? What is the consistency of the bb cream like? Unfortunately the traits that the authentic bb cream has can easily be put onto the fake ones but Pinkparadise.com is a website recognised for selling authentic products. Maybe keep searching online for a more recent authentic vs fake post as mine is out of date now and the new authentic bb creams have had changes.

  20. Hello! I live in the US and I was also searching for this bb cream. I searched up bellogirl on ebay but the hot pink bb cream was $100+ and I couldn’t find any cheaper ones. Could you give me a link to the bb cream sold by bellogirl? I think I may have got the wrong seller. Is there any other ebay seller you recommend? Apparently the hot pink bb cream is not availabe anymore on yesstyle so ebay and amazon seem to be last options. :( Thanks!!

    • Hello Jen! I have noticed some sellers doing this, trust me it is not that much. Perhaps email them and tell them about the price, they should change it for you to the correct price as I have queried other sellers about this before and it was just a matter of mistake when entering the price!

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